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    24.04.08, Monsterman... Or creepy man?

    by , 08-04-2010 at 12:04 PM (562 Views)
    So yeah, I knew I was going to have a dream about being attacked by something, some time. And it happened. But now, looking back at it, it's just hilarious.

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm at this hotel thing with a few friends. For some reason I have no clothes, and my friends makes fun of how I'm going to have to go around naked. I don't seem to care because I'm trying to be 'bring-it-on'-like. There's a balcony connected to the other rooms of other people. We go out here, and we find pieces of wood I can use to cover. We're just laughing about it still. I throw a boomerang over my shoulder.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I turn around. There's a [I]semi-fat, black man with huge crossed eyes, almost popping out of his eye-sockets[/I]. I've apperantly hit him, and he starts walking towards us, speaking in a language I do not understand. He picks up the boomerang and throws it at us, while saying something that sounded like a curse. "<something something> naebu" He's really ninjalike with his throwing, he hits my friend first, real hard. The door is small so we can't all get in. I'm the last to get inside, and he hits me on my thigh hard with the boomerang.
    We go in and hide behind the furniture of the room. He comes in and hits me even though I'm behind a small chair. I try to stop him by using simple english sentences.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Now we're in a garden (below the balcony) there are people eating. The one sitting closest to me is a bodyguard-like man. It's dark now, and some torches light up the garden.
    I scream for help at the guard, and he dosn't seem to understand me. He even seems to laugh at it at first. But when the fat, cross-eyed man begins to throw things from behind, he realizes the danger and picks me up and throws us both into the grass. He holds me tight so I can't move. I remember seeing one torch, some rocks to my left and looking up at the cross-eyed man. Now he's picked up a huge rock and throws it after my head. He's still mumbling his curses. I dodge the rock.

    I can't imagine what the hell I was thinking, making up that guy to be a nightmarish character. It wasn't really a nightmare, it just had the feeling of knowing something bad was happening.

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