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    Dreams of the Maeniac

    27.03.08, In a Ruin with Cocoa Milk

    by , 08-03-2010 at 10:54 PM (412 Views)
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm in a ruin, the ground is grassy with some gravel, the rocks on the old castle are red.
    Me and P throwing sticks at each other for fun, yet they are clearly big enough to cause damage if we were to be hit.
    I had 3 Cocoa Milks to carry, and a lot of sticks, which was quite bothersome and I'm having a lot of trouble not dropping them.
    I run away from P a few times, in the end I decided to go another way, but he found me and followed me, we stopped there, and I think the dream ended. "I figured you would take another route!"[/COLOR]
    A good representation of how I used to feel while being around P, which is one of my friends I used to hang out with in 7th to 9th grade. When we were out and about, we always ended up buying a shitload of stuff and then go to our bikes and cycle off to somewhere. This would many times result in me carrying a cola and a bag with some food. We also sometimes did things that would make me feel "on the edge", the same kind of feeling you'd have in my dream; The feeling of getting a kick out of it, but still having some adrenaline-like feeling due to the fact that you know this could blow up in your face. ([I]Sometimes literally[/I])

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