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    Catching up!...?

    by , 09-07-2015 at 01:43 AM (457 Views)
    so I've finally got my LD skills up and over the past few days I've made a couple of new things on Star Island:

    1. Jem City- A City Where people can live a hang out

    2. Friendship Mystery School- A school in which Dreamers can learn how to become better At LD.

    3. The Blank Planet: A planet that acts as a canvas for imaginative thinking and creating! But the second when everyone leaves the planet, it goes back to a blank planet

    I really love Lucid Dreaming, especially with friends! If anyone is interested in Shared dreaming please inbox me or leave a comment It would be my honor to help!

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    1. HypnoDestiny's Avatar
      I'd love to do shared dreaming, and The Blank Planet sounds fun!
    2. MageCat's Avatar
      Alright sweet! I'll be sure to make it one of my objectives to Adventure with you