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    Star Island Story 1: ' Getting Started... "

    by , 08-18-2015 at 06:50 PM (544 Views)
    You can do anything you imagine in the dream world, The possibilities are ENDLESS. Like for instance, if you wanted to fly on an elephant across the world at jet speeds, YOU CAN. All you have to do is practice and believe and you can achieve!

    So last night I did A WILD and I ended up in Toronto Canada looking for an friend. I wanted to catch up on my LD skills, so I made it an objective to see her. Like I said you can do ANYTHING in the dream world, so I created a TESLA car and drove to a spot where I knew she would be at Tim Hortons ( a coffee shop ). so I drive up and see her on the phone with someone. she puts her finger up at me like " wait im on the phone " so I just sit and wait.

    She gets off the phone and we talk and then I go back to her place and catch up. I tell her about LD and she laughs at the concept. I tell her she's dreaming and she says " Ok what ever " I then get fed up with her and leave after an hour long convo. I drive away and see a creek and by the creek is my old space ship I used to Adventure in. It's almond shape with 3 rockets, 2 wings, and all silver. I go in it a fly to my planet.blogs/magecat/attachments/8680-star-island-story-1-getting-started-purpleplanet-ft.jpg

    I arrive on my planet and go in my castle. I sit at my desk in my room and think about putting a " Dream Team " Together so we can Adventure and Explore. TEAM MUFFIN! I laugh and awake

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    1. DannyCool's Avatar
      Yes a mixture of Star Island and Earth will work for me to get started. Ebetide000 would love this too what way could we invited her?
    2. MageCat's Avatar
      YEA SURE
    3. DannyCool's Avatar
      "Team Muffin" it is then. . I use to work in a place like Star Island and the team of workers there was called the "dream team" as in there is not "I" in "team" but I prefer "Team Muffin". Lets be free and happy and lets not forget about our home planet Earth. Essentially there is no difference between waking and dreaming life. This is great.
    4. MageCat's Avatar
      yea man I'll pay you a visit....TEAM MUFFIN
    5. mzungu's Avatar
      I'll try to visit, I'm not sure how to dream of Star Island though. Incidentally, there is a vintage baseball team near my home called the Muffins lol.
    6. MageCat's Avatar
      well thats a start... I can meet you guys at a specific location as well.
    7. mzungu's Avatar
      We'll meet at your castle.