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    Star Island Story 3: " Adventure???? "

    by , 09-04-2015 at 12:58 AM (543 Views)
    Ok so I went out of town and left my computer at home so im back now and yea.....

    so last night I went to my island and made a plan to see some of my DV Friends. I have an device in the dream world that gives me the location of any place and anyone in the universe. I tell it to find " DannyCool " and it shows me his coordinates. He was located on earth so I hoped in my space craft and put in his location on earth, then I took off.

    I landed in a city on a roof top and saw a comic book convention going on down below. I made my way into the crowd and stood on a gargoyle statue. I tried to get a good look for Danny, but thought it was impossible so I told myself if I just sat a wait he would show up eventually. After about 5 minutes I saw someone dressed as a hitman and I got a strong feeling it was him.

    He was by himself and was walking real fast in a hurry. I quickly got off the statue and ran towards him dogging the crowd of people, when I caught up to him I said " hey are you DannyCool From dreamviews? ". He stopped and look at me confused and said " yes? how do you know about dreamviews? Are you a lucid dreamer? " " Yes bro im Mage Cat! "

    He looked at me then laughed and said " Mage Cat! Buddy! " Then shook my hand " Nice Costume! who are you supposed to be? " he asked. " oh this is what I wear on a regular haha... so you like conventions like this? " " nah its just something to do man, I'm supposed to be meeting some friends here "

    " you do know your dreaming right? " I said. He laughed and said " oh really now? inception right? " I then put my hands up and said " no really look! " I summoned one of my magical creatures that resembles some what of a cat dragon and rode on it like a horse. " Holy crap! " Danny said as he took a few steps back. The crowd of people stood and stared, then freaked out. Danny disappeared ( probably woke up due to being overwhelmed )

    " opps " I said. I ordered my giant cat to climb the building that the con was being held at. We made it to the top and I made the dragon cat disappear. " well that didnt work out as planned " I then saw a guy with long black hair who looked like the prince of persia on the rooftop with me. I felt he wasnt a dream character so I yelled " yo how'd you get up here? " he turned around slowly and said " do you know who I am child? " " uhh...nope" I said.

    " I am Waking Nomad " he said " bullshit Waking Nomad doesn't lucid dream anymore. " " That's the dumbest thing I herd all day " he said shaking his head. " prove it " I said " why would I waste my time proving to you, that I'm me? HA ! FOOL! " I started to get the feeling it was Nomad so I asked " so... are you back then ?" he responded " I never left "
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    1. DannyCool's Avatar
      Why did you come looking for me at Earth? I have to keep to all sorts of routines and conventions here to get along with people so there is any chance of communicating with them. I would prefer to stick to the paradise places. I was probably totally off my head in a dream when you met me. Anyhow I like your Big Cat Eyes and your tiny nose and your purple cloak. That is some Cat head you have. Wait till I get my dream journal. Oh yes you have a book of spells isn't? You opened it up on Star Island and vaporised me as you do. All I could see was white any woke up. Your power is serious you know. Can you tone it down a bit? Oh ya and it seems the only way of getting off Star Island is wake up. Can you show me some teleporting there the next day it could be handy. Star Island is really nice by the way its good to take a break from all these earthling creatures. Now can you show me all these things a little slower so I don't get freaked! With much love and appreciation. Danny.
    2. MageCat's Avatar
      LOL yea man sorry I will for sure! Idk why but I find teleporting hard, I haven't really practiced the technique but when I do it's pretty hard ( to me ). but yea I'll be sure to take it slow next time MUCH LOVE