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    1. Super hero flight

      by , 08-30-2019 at 09:48 PM
      It has been a while since i have lucid dreamed and i am ecstatic that i am bath on the path to lucid dreaming regularly.

      I thank i briefly woke up in my room and remembered a DC from a previous dream, reminding my self that if i saw her again i would be in a dream. I quickly began dreaming and noticed her.

      I am in some sort of industrial ruin, there are concrete pillars running down along side a courtyard type area. the DC i noticed is standing looking at me about to attack me. I realize i am dreaming a perform a RC and then rub my hands together to stabilize the dream. Excited that i am in a dream i decide to fight the DC and try to conjure twin swords. unfortunately all i am able to create is a small pocket knife. we begin fighting and i feel the impact of her kicks on my legs. i am not doing so well in the fight so i decide to ask her how to fly instead. she says like this and superhero flys through the top of a building almost as if she was jumping like the hulk. i pick up on the fact that in order to fly i need to have a point to fly toward. i decide to fly toward the clouds and quickly jump into the sky. the dream starts to get foggy and in between the clouds credit scenes like from a movie. At some point i attempt to land but instead fall at super speeds and when i crash into a city i wake up.