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    MOON Sex!

    by , 07-24-2016 at 11:05 PM (291 Views)
    I woke up at 3am for a WBTB but had significant trouble falling back to sleep. My iphone app (pillow) shows me awake from 3-7am.

    I took 200 5-htp, 1mg melatonin, 1000mg valerian root, 300mg b6, and 900mg of st. John's Wort

    Very long lucid dream, tho a little less vivid. My dream faded in and out since I was able to stabilize it a few times from ending. Occasionally I would feel myself in bed but was able to visualize my dream and reenter (DEILD??).

    It started with 3-5 short LDs, all starting in my bed, where I couldn't get my sleep mask off and had limited control of my bodyŚCouldn't open my left eye or move my legs.

    I ended up in my house and lucid. The house I am in isn't my real house, it's just a random house (possibly a combo of all the places I have lived?) though it started as my room. I walk though the house and everyone is trying to talk to me. I know that if I get distracted I will loose lucidity, so I make up an excuse and go outside. I run and try to fly but again I have issues at first. I feel my body and start to focus on the world around me and how real it is.

    I am in a town walking down the street. I pull my phone out and open it. Inside the phone is a photo with a picture of me. I close the photo and it results in another photo of me. I get to a photo with Joey, David, and me. I try to look closely at their faces to see if it is actually them. It looks like it is. I realize that the part of town I am going into has a bunch of cool stuff. I run my hand through a water fountain and think that it would be nice if there was a place where I could swim. I walk around the corner and there is a beach! There are street venders up and down the beach. I remember that I want to eat in a dream so I look for food. I don't have any money so I can't buy any food. I think about taking it but decide not to since I don't want to make the DCs hostile. I look to the ocean and see large waves. I run out to the water and see a DC dive into the water I follow suit but it is just sand now and I land painfully on my head. I start to jump into the water and remember I should be able to breath underwater. I swim under water deep while breathing and then let a wave bring me back. As I get out of the water I imagine a beautiful bikini model behind me and turn around. There she is! I start to make out with her but my dream fades so I stabilize it.

    I am at my house's back yard. I try to fly but it doesn't work. I try climbing to the top of a building and falling off yet it still doesn't work and I slam into the ground. Eventually I try flying Backward and it works well.I am soaring above the ground! I see a girl and she starts to fly with me and we fly up, up, up and land on the moon where we start to have sex . My dream begins to destabilize.

    I am now on the grass with a sex doll...? I get up and go inside the house. Kristen (co-worker) and Gen (sister) are there and I think "I wonder if Kristen has ever been kissed." I kiss her and for some reason it feels like I am kissing a chair. She is shocked when I stop and says "I'm sure you can get some, if you try". I leave and go outside looking at the flowers. They are very vibrant and realistic but my dream has started to destabilize. I sit down and pull the grass between my fingers to stabilize. It works!

    I go inside and walk to the fridge, still remembering to eat while in a dream, I look inside and ask my dad for snacks. He says, "here!" And points to plain yogurt. There is also strawberry sour cream. I grab one of the yogurts but my mom stops me and says, "no! You can't have that!". I put it back and hurry to find something else to eat before I wake up! The dream is getting unstable! I grab a yogurt stick and open it even tho my mom is warning me of something... It explodes in my face and I wake up.

    Longest LD yet and came after extreme inability to sleep.
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