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    1. fragments

      by , 05-25-2018 at 03:52 AM

      last night all i remember was hearing that the man who bought my grandpas old farm house had been mauled and killed by pitbull that he had. he abused the dog and put weights on him but the dog broke free and killed him. people around where this was thought my grandpa still lived there and had been killed.

      i also remember somthing about ma anand sheela and her followers going on a water fast to punish somebody?
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. 2/8/2018 a bunch of fragments, my dead grandma, and avocado salad

      by , 02-08-2018 at 02:15 PM
      i remember being at my friend shanes house. i had my dog and he had his dog, but there was a third dog, a large corgi. we couldnt take care of the corgi and were trying to find it a good home. i had to take it to the vet for some reason. when i got to the vet they were about to close (it was like 9:30 pm). i then realized i had forgotten the dog.

      me and shane were in the vet parking lot with our dogs and the corgi. a black girl rode by on her bike and asked about the corgi. we asked her if she wanted him because he needed a good home. she declined and rode off.

      i remember at one point i think i had done some ketamine in this dream and i was feeling dissociative effects from it as we were still around the vets office.

      then there was this whole dream sequence about how shanes wife had gotten a job in japan, teaching english to kids or somthing.

      i remember explaining that to my grandparents (even though my grandma is dead in 'real life' DREAM SIGN) as shane sat at the end of the table and kept saying that she was there to do therapy with them, she wasn't there to teach them english.

      i then remember being at my grandparents farm house (DREAM SIGN, its not theirs anymore) even though it didnt look like their farm house. there was a wall of VHS tapes with a tv in the middle. me and my grandma sat on the bed and i put in a VHS tape that had writing on it that said "george jefferson (and somthing else scribbled)" it had a recorded episode of the Jeffersons and Dragon Ball on it lol. when i put the tape in it was on the part with dragon ball on it so i began to rewind it to find the episode of the jeffersons. all the sudden i was playing a dragon ball video game with n64 type graphics. the dream turned to me actually being in the video game. i was goku, and i was on a mountain with a little jungle on it. i startedto go towards the path going down the mountain but there was an explorer chobbing vines making his way up to the top. i turned around to hide from him. the objective in this part of the game was for me to catch a monkey? so i started wraping a vine around clusters of trees for some reason. i could see the monkey hopping around above me. at one point i climbed a tall tree.

      then i remember some dream montage involving an avocado salad.

      what a night.
      non-lucid , dream fragment