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    night of 3/19/18

    by , 03-20-2018 at 02:03 PM (92 Views)
    trying to get back into lucid dreaming, i havent recorded my dreams in a while...

    last night i remember having a dream about seeing some show like on mtv that was like a reality show where this guy was talking about if smoking crack killed brain cells or not (lol)

    then it showed how he started smoking crack for this documentary and he was documenting the effects. it showed him and some of his hipstery friends dressed up like hipster homeless people on crack throwing eggs around and trying to hit them with a bat.
    the main guy was explaining how it felt to be on crack doing that.

    then the intro to the show came on and it was like 5 kids walking down a road to a fence. then all the sudden i was in the scene with them walking recording this intro.


    then i remember having a dream where two of my friends, trevor and lacy were texting me telling me that they were at harvest moon (a local bar) and that i wouldnt believe who was there. they wouldnt tell me who it was but they kept referencing them as "the most terrible people i can imagine" lol


    then i remember dylan and his mom had moved in next door to me. me and zach rode our bikes from way across town over to his house where they were having a cookout. i remember a big steak being on the grill. we chained our bikes up at his house instead of mine.

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