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    1-21 Dream: The Car Keys

    by , 02-09-2014 at 12:05 PM (333 Views)
    Jan 21, 2014 & Jan 28, 2014. Astral/DILD.

    I'll try not to flood the DJ recent entry category, but I'd like to get my DJ caught up somewhat so that I can track running themes and others can comment on already established recalls if they want. It'll probably take a while, so I'll space them out by a few hours or so, but here's another for now. Sorry if this bothers anyone.

    * * *

    This dream has a very long storyline, the understanding of what was occurring held strong through-out. I had a specific purpose to traveling in this dream. It deals with older children-younger adult age-ish energies in different types of academies and schools.

    The overlying understanding to these sequences was of two Spiritual Teams who were calling themselves The Ocean and The Sea (probably spelled differently, but that is how it is pronounced). There was a third neutral/on-the-fence party called nothing (since those who were not aligned with one or the other were constantly pressured to choose). I was in the third and my main purpose was to bring awareness about these two alliances to the unaware.

    Since The Ocean and The Sea were going into schools and claiming members, usually through subconsciously pushing the students towards particular actions and thoughts - most alignments were made unknowingly by the students themselves until it was much too late to change or escape the responsibilities of being part of an alliance.

    I was attempting to warn students in any way I could, but while doing so, it was difficult since those who were already aligned with a team were constantly trying to sabotage me, such as locking my keys in my car...

    My Car was how I shifted between schools. It was a basic old station wagon-like car that once I was finished with a school, I would sit in the driver's seat, start the engine, wait a few seconds, then turn it off and I'd be at my next destination - parked in a new spot.

    The earliest sequence I can recall in this timeline is where I took a train on a field trip with a student group I was trying to reach. We were traveling through Volcanic Fields. The train literally went right up into a volcano mountain, there was gushing lava and black sheet rock for scenery and the train trembled, shook and threatened to tip over every time a geyser released lava/steam near the windows. A couple times, I even watched as lava landed on the windows and trickled down.

    I spent most of my time on the train trying to explain to students through their own ways of communication - so subtle. Eventually, I gave up conversation as it simply was not working and moved to scrawling poetry with black ink on the seats and walls. The black ink was drawn into symbols that explained to the viewer that they needed to stay alert and not be drawn in by magnetizing or 'pretty'/beautiful imagery/promises. Not many listened and I ended up getting in trouble with one of the aligned 'supervisors' and had to abandon that area as soon as the train had returned.

    The last sequence of the timeline, after a number of different schools, was at a casual community college type of campus. There was a sport event going on. I continued on my attempt, but by now, the Ocean and the Sea easily were able to identify me. It got me in trouble with groups of students aligned to them that were easily persuaded towards violence and nasty business.

    There was one point where I got locked in a bathroom by a janitor and couldn't get out until I smashed in the door with my foot.

    Then, I went to go to my car to leave as it had grown dark during my time in the bathroom and the campus was closed with hardly anyone around except those that lived nearby. I realized, as I approached my car that I had left the keys locked in on the front seat. So, I stomped in the window to retrieve my keys.

    When I reached through the smashed window, my keys popped out of my reach just before I had them. They began a game, where I'd go to grab and they popped away and reappeared in a different spot; on the seat, in the trunk, on top of the roof, hanging from the keyhole, wherever was farthest away from me.

    A young man came forward, just a basic young man, simple and demure in energy, and said that he'd help me get my keys if he could come along with me to the next place.

    I agreed. Then, I woke up.

    * * *
    Schools, academies, and symposiums are common locations for my dreams. A few days after this one, I believe it was between the 28th-30th of Jan., I had a dream at a symposium college for divine energies.
    * * *

    In that dream, I had to travel in an underwater pod deep into the ocean until it arrived at an underwater college that existed in a spiritual pocket. The transition was precise and maintained to only allow certain energy frequencies into the meeting place. Here, there were many spiritual philosophers and researchers. Almost all of them had a connection to a deity name (a patron or direct link) and there were no ordinary human/elemental energies allowed. Each being spoke in lifetimes, a divine language that expresses intent and supports certain spiritual opinions through reference to actual embodied lives.

    I was there through a specific archetypal energy current that I hold dear to myself.

    The nature of the college was spiritually interesting in that no matter where one moved or went, chose to do, they could not escape learning a lesson that they needed to explore. For instance, I became bored with a lecture that was happening and wandered off - my wandering off led me to an entirely different encounter in which the process itself was a learning experience. There is no way to avoid this in the college, every single second is an act of being challenged.

    While there, I disagreed with another entity that was trying to convince people on the merits about being transparent about their energy current's name(s). I did not think entities should be forced to share their lineage with everyone just because, and my disagreement drove this woman absolutely wild with frustration. She was there on/as the Energy Current of Aphrodite and it escalated to the point where she was constantly asking me who I was.

    This became annoying as when someone asks you a question in this space, the answer presents itself to your internal mind instantly and you have to choose whether or not to share it. So each time she asked, my internal mind was being flooded with the answer of Who I Was and I had to really bite my tongue (so to speak) not to share it.

    I had an ally with me, a male who I easily fell in love with as soon as we bumped into each other in an empty room. He disagreed with both of us about the situation and so, was around our conversations to exacerbate our stances. Eventually, I shared who I was with him and he did with me. And then, I left/woke up.

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