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    1. 1-19 Dream: The Trapdoor

      by , 02-09-2014 at 11:24 AM
      Jan 19, 2014. Astral/Subconscious/Collaborative Dream.

      This particular sequence was one in many for the night, but it was the most memorable. The dream storyline does not begin where I start my entry and that can be assumed for almost any dream I share, there is almost always a dream sequence before and after that I am not describing for sake of time/recall ability.

      * * *

      I am in a black-lit building, a warehouse or some very large space. Everything is pitch black. There is a small sign above labeling it as a "Laser Play Arena".

      There is a man who runs the area, with an electronic clipboard (modern tablet). His energy is overwhelmingly Thoth/Anubis in sensation. He acts regal/upright about his job, but finds amusement in observation.

      So black, the area was, one could say it simulated a pocket of outer space, though no stars shone anywhere. All over, instead, there were beings and entities moving - but no matter their true shape in the darkness, they had LED/electronic lights showing a different creature or symbol or word, etc. - to be seen instead. They moved up and down, side to side, anywhere and everywhere in various paths.

      For example, one entity appeared to be a rainbow LED flashing spider, a very large giant shadow moved behind this symbol though. On other entities there were morphing words.

      Nothing was stationary, everything constantly moving as they were 'playing/fighting' with each other - depending on their relationship with the ones they ran into/near.

      I did not want to be here. Not in a frightened way, but in a I simply ended up in the wrong spot than where I had intended.

      I told the man/Thoth/Anubis and he smirked. His smirk frustrated me and so I stomped my foot down so hard that a trap door suddenly swung up from where I had stomped. The rectangle showed an old wooden staircase descending downwards into soft blue sunlight. I recognized the light as a town I had been to before.

      I look to Thoth/Anubis and I'm like "Aha!" and he stands nearby. With dream logic, I understand at the time that it is to keep others from going in through the exit with me.

      Beyond is a port town that I visit now and then in my Psyche/Subconscious Dreams. It is near water and is very damp with cobblestone roads, damp/rotting wood, creaky timber houses. It is European in style with narrow streets and tall buildings.

      My husband is there in the distance with a medium-sized industrial truck. I go to say hello and as I do, a large Semi-truck comes by and squeezes the smaller truck up against the buildings in a cartoon-like fashion.

      Worried for my partner, I hurry towards him to see if he is okay - which he is. As I check him over, setting my hand on the truck, it wibbles and wobbles and suddenly, a mass amount of large (2'-3') bugs fall down off of the roof and onto me - centipedes, spiders, beetles.

      The most interesting part about the bugs is that they are colored green and purple with a similar oily sheen that some pigeons have. A large spider falls upon my head as I catch a thick centipede - cradling it in my arms until I let it go. The spider is green-purple, metallic looking with a giant eye as its center body with around thirty legs.

      --- on a side note: I frequently find that stomping a foot down in a dream is very powerful to break through into a transition or force will a certain way.

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