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    Frightening Hallucinations.

    by , 04-17-2011 at 02:01 PM (738 Views)
    Sunday, April 17, 2011*

    I awaken in bed at about 6am and decide it's a perfect time to WILD.
    At first, I'm unsuccessful so I turn over on my other side. Moments later I'm sitting up in bed behind my covers and I'm afraid. I have my eyes shut, but I can feel something in the room and it starts grabbing at me. This whole time I'm thinking "It's not real only a dream" so I start telling it to go away. I think it works eventually because my eyes are open and my room is empty. I lay back in bed cover myself and think "I have an aura protecting my head and my covers protecting my body, I'm safe". I remember reading the aura thing somewhere. Next thing I know I can feel something climb up onto my bed and on my back. For some reason at first I panic and actually grab one of it's hands. The hand felt so damn real I just squeezed. I don't know what it looked like because my eyes are still shut. In a panicked state I try to scream and just as I do it laughs in my ear. I then remember that in SP there is the old hag and if you fight it lasts longer so I relaxed and knew I couldn't be hurt and it wasn't real. I wake up in my bed stiff and admittedly frightened. Im in the original position i rolled into while attempting to wild. It takes me a few minutes to confirm to myself I'm actually awake this time.*

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