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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Return of the witch.

      by , 05-07-2011 at 06:49 PM (Whacky adventures in a fragile world.)
      Saturday, May 7, 2011*

      I'm in a room I don't recognize. It's not too big and quite dark. The only light comes from the drape covered windows. My brother Blake is with me and a few other kids I don't know. There are only two beds so I have no choice but to share a bed with them. After a while of them hogging all of the *comforter I get up and decide to sleep on the floor. At first I lay down next to a huge window and it's quite sunny. I can feel the light hitting my eyelids. I'm laying vertical to the window so I turn to my left and position my body horizontally. This position is better and I manage to fall asleep. I'm awaken by a presence on my back. Experienced with this kind of occurrence I turn around unphazed by what I'm about to experience. I see an old hag sitting over me. I grab her arms and fight her off with the strength I can muster. I'm not afraid because I know this must be a dream and I cannot be hurt. She is quite the ugly bitch too. She has long gray hair, a face full of worts especially her nose. She has purple colored eyes and horrible teeth.

      I begin to insult her as she laughs. My voice is quite distorted and I sound even more menacing then she does. She looks puzzled as if she's asking herself why I'm not afraid. I can feel her push a sort of scary presence over me like she is trying to scare me, but I laugh and tell her to fuck off.
      I then close my eyes and relax and I feel a boom of white energy envelope me. Now with a renewed source of energy I kick her off of me and she smashes into the wall. She disappears just as quick as she appeared.*

      I walk over to my brother Blake who is awake. I tell him we should watch each other while we sleep or dream and that if we see the witch going for one of us we should say the secret word. I try really hard while writing this but I cannot remember what it was.*

      A while later as we fall asleep, I hear my brother talking in his sleep. I can hear him say the word. I seem to be dreaming inside his dream and I bolt up out of bed and charge the witch. I catch her off guard and choke slam her into the wall and she disappears once more. I return to bed and when I close my eyes I start to experience SP like symptoms. I start to see bright white lights and I can hear movement in the room and I'm awaken by my brother. He tells me the witch returned and he put her in her place.*

      We both went back to bed and we knew she wouldn't come back again.
      I wake up for real this time and I'm happy. I feel victorious by how easily and non frightening this bitch was.
    2. Lucid Scooter Ride

      by , 05-06-2011 at 05:16 AM (Whacky adventures in a fragile world.)
      Sunday, May 1, 2011*

      I'm standing inside Des Nation school yard with a few old friends.
      They are driving what appear to be small off road bikes.
      The bikes look like mini Vespa's but build much better and not made of plastic. They look like fun and I want to give it a try.

      A friend pulls up and my eyes are fixated on the bike as it stops beside me to my right. I try to make out the emblem on the front, but it's too hard to read. The emblem is a single chrome word.
      I ask if I can give it and try and get a yes. I sit down on the bike and start to drive toward the inner part of the yard. Where the newest addition to the school was built a few years ago. I feel out of control yet still manage to steer the bike. It's quite a difficult feeling to explain and I've felt it before. It's actually recurring and happens in many of my dreams.
      Maybe a DS?

      I'm behind another kid on a bike when I think about this being a dream. I look ahead and there are maybe a dozen other riders driving around the small space between the school and it's extention building. The space looks about twice it's normal size. I think to myself the level of clarity is amazing and decide I have to do a reality check now. I stick my hand in my face and sort of hop off the bike *ignorant to my surroundings. I didn't care, all I knew is I had to do an RC. I count 5 fingers, but it's harder to do so and I skip numbers. My hand is blurry and my fingers seem to shift places. I look away and back and count again. My hand is still blurred, but this time I count six fingers. I decide that I'm dreaming and tell myself "I'm dreaming, this is a dream.".*

      The dream then begins to blur and fade away so I immediately begin to rub my hands. I could feel the contact and my vision started to clear, but I blinked and my vision started to fade once more. I'm not sure if the blinking caused it, but now rubbing my hands does not work. In an attempt not to lose the dream I begin to spin. I spun for maybe one or two seconds and started to feel a sickening feeling in my gut. My vision was now complete darkness and I felt a zooming, spinning sensation. Nothing was forming around me so I started to spin some more. Moments later a shower of sorts appears around me. It looks like a swimming pool shower or one you'd find in a high school gym. There are two smaller kids in bathing suits standing there looking at me. I was still spinning and couldn't stop myself no matter what I tried.*

      I wake up to the black of my eye lids. I'm excited and eager to write it in my DJ, but I think I woke up to an FA because I woke up again later after a short dream.
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