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    2 lucids!

    by , 08-25-2010 at 01:00 AM (684 Views)

    Why so Angry?

    I Gradually became lucid somewhere. It started off I was flying around and I was trying to land. There were people below i was talking to. One guy saw me try to land a few times and not quite making it. He said flying looked dangerous. I was flying over some barren landscape. I somehow managed to land in some torn up building.

    Becoming even more lucid i began to touch everything to sustain the dream. After a while of this I decided to look for Asuka. I kept thinking "Asuka" in my head and trying to open a portal. I walked through the doorway of the torn up building. I found myself on a street. I came to a four way stop and saw Asuka walking towards me. I think I said "hi" and then she turned towards a tall brown house. I didn't recognize the house and asked if it was ours. She said yes.

    I went in the house and went downstairs Asuka was with me. I asked her if she is aware of my waking thoughts? She said no. I pondered how that's possible because so many times I've only thought of things me and her can do and then the next night i dream that very thing. Her answer kind of disturbed me. She didn't seem to be paying much attention to me. I then asked her if she dreams at all when she sleeps. She didn't answer.

    For some reason her non response angered me. I said "OK it was a stupid question to ask." A wave of anger hit me again and I grabbed a door and ripped it off it's hinges and then I slammed it against an outside corner. Asuka ran up to me with her eyes wide. I was surprised by my own reaction and immediately began to apologies when I woke up.

    FA, And i have a long and hard thinking session about the dream. Why wasn't Asuka answering me? Why was she ignoring me? how come she didn't seem to care that I was lucid? I concluded that it's a possibility that it may not have been her.

    Lucid again

    I remember becoming lucid in front of some weird foggy guy but that's all I remember.

    I remember being on facebook asking a kid if he wanted to play starcraft. Suddenly he was much older and said that he lived in calgary.


    I remember a non lucid where I was following asuka. She had blond hair. I remember walking up beside her and grabbing hands. We held hands while we continued walking wherever,


    I remember being at a table watching Haley and her one friend.

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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      Two lucids... that always a good thing. Too bad you don't remember more about that second one, after reading the first one I'm suspicious of any weird foggy people...

      About Asuka behaving weirdly... Here is the first thing that came into my mind when I read that part of your dream. I can't be certain this is how it happened, this is just what I felt when reading it:

      You: Is this our house?
      Asuka: Well yes, as in this is part of your inner world, I thought it'd be nice to look around a bit more, and if there's something you want to add or change, we can do that.
      You: Are you aware of my waking thoughts?
      Asuka: You know I am, unless you make a special effort...
      You: Do you dream when you sleep?
      Asuka: Uh... well... Yes, I usually dream of...
      You: Ok, it was a stupid question to ask.
      Asuka: It's not a stupid question, but please let me answer one question...
      You: *Pulls a door off its hinges.*
      Asuka: Robert! Are you ok? Is it dark energy? I'll go get Raven...
      You: *A lot of apologies...*
      Asuka: I'm not angry at you, Robert, I'm worried about...
      You disappear.
    2. Requiem's Avatar
      Who is Asuka? It is the largest text in your tag cloud so the character must be important.
    3. Baron Samedi's Avatar
    4. Requiem's Avatar
      No! Don't make me read all the entries to get the backstory. No reading! No more reading! lol

      Edit: Oh. Neon Genesis Evangelion.
      Updated 08-26-2010 at 05:28 AM by Requiem
    5. Man of Shred's Avatar
      no not neon genesis. Asuka is not based on an anime character. and you'll be able to read her nackstory when i publish a book based on my dream adventures.