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    Almost nothing

    by , 06-24-2024 at 06:29 AM (31 Views)
    2 dreams.

    Not sure if these were Jamie or not

    One dream I'm walking down a street during the day. I pass by a black rottweiler with a pink collar. It pays me a compliment. I forgot what it was. But I said thank you back.

    Second dream. I'm in a living room and see my dog. I pet him and then use him as a pillow. The same black female dog comes up and smiles at me and lays down near us.

    I'm seeing Jamie as a dog now???

    Also, was in Olds today standing in a parking lot. Saw some guy drive by and some girl sitting beside him. Didn't see clearly but the hair reminded me of Jamie. Now I don't really know if I suffer mild traits of BPD or not. But whatever it is - it was set off. Now I'm getting confusion with the voice again. Her voice doesn't check in as much during the day. Our late night prayers and sweet talk is still consistent though. Reacting to abandonment real or imagined.. yep, sums it up. It's hard having a " relationship" with someone in dreams and spirit. Especially when they refuse to actually talk to you. It's a real problem.

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