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    another lucid

    by , 10-10-2010 at 08:12 PM (403 Views)

    Waking up

    I wake up in bed. I'm in a large white bedroom with a large window overlooking the sea. It's bright in the dream but there seems to be no definable source of it. Next to me is a woman. She seems really familiar, she's also waking up and smiles at me.
    I go, "huh. what? what is this place where am I?" or something. The woman shushes me. She smiles. I say "I thought weren't going to..." She cuts me off and tells me it's not time to get up yet. She says something about this place we are in exists out of space time. This is the past present and future she tells me. I'm confused. She tells me to just sleep, and that it's going to be ok. i lay my head back down to sleep. The woman is fiddling with a piece of my hair and humming softly as I fall asleep.

    town wtf.

    i'm walking along a street in Olds when some guy in a van drives by. I recognize him, he tells me it's time to go to work.
    I hope in the vehicle and now it's a white car with no roof. There are 3 others in the car that I know. I recognize one as Gino. We drive on the highway towards disbury. When we arrive in Dids the car stops at some farmer's market. I begin questioning why I'm in the car. What work am I supposed to do? Why a farmer's market.

    missing time

    I'm in a large truck being driven by Sho. We are in didsbury still and heading towards the old run down fourplex condo's that bears the nickname "chicken coops". Sho keeps telling me that we have to arrive here and leave before the police come. Apperently he's making a drug run and decided to drag me into it unwillingly.

    We turn into the coops and I tell him that I'm not interested in doing any illegal favors for him, so just let me out please. He says ok and Drives on the lawn. i jump out of his truck which is now a big garbage disposal truck. I am standing on the lawn and see another truck run and hit sho's truck. He ges out of the trucka nd starts running. The other truck chases hima nd runs people down. Sho finds a dead end wall and the truck runs over him. His body isn't crumpled, but the truck keeps rolling back and forth over his body. I am mortified. I hear sirens nearby. Soon an ambulance crew arrives and tries to aid all the people that got run over. The have large scissors and are severing off useless body limbs from the people. sho is clearly dead. I get sicka nd run into one of the fourplexes.

    when i arrive in the fourplex I realize I am at an apartment of some kind. I try to fly to confirm I'm dreaming. I only manage to jump and float a bit. I do the Nose pinch RC, but can't breathe. I'm still positive i'm dreaming, I try to think how I got here. I remember the ride to the town, the farmer's market, and the thing with Sho. But I can't remember waking up from my house. so i must be dreaming.
    I look around my scene a bit. Every time I blink the stairs I am looking at alters. At one point it looks impossible and i feel myself losing the dream.

    I wind up non lucid. Somehow I get into my dad's truck and we start driving towards Olds again. He tells me I should work on my long weekend since we have 3 new houses to coat. i think he's lying because I don't remember us starting any new houses.

    pre dream hypnagogia.

    bunch of mini lucid flashes of seeing my hands, and then some of me holding various objects.

    what is the question?

    I am on facebook chatting with M. I can't remember the conversation much. Our convo boxes are on the left hand side of the page instead of the right. I get an answer to a question that I forgot I asked. I even forgot the question. all I know is that i clearly saw her answer as "Yes." not expecting that, I woke up suddenly.

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