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    Asuka is such a sweetie!

    by , 12-19-2010 at 04:21 AM (439 Views)
    Harry Potter wants to watch some Harry Potter

    Me Nomad and Harry are in some field. We decide to take Harry to watch a harry potter movie from another dimension. We teleport to a theater and I am all excited. "I can't wait to see this again" I say, but i am distracted by seeing someone i know.

    A friend from high school is being chased around by a short woman holding onto him. He frantically wants her to go away. He runs outside and then walks in a moment later hand in hand with a different girl... his proper gf.

    A man walks into the lobby and stares at me. I walk over to him and he hands me a stone. He says "go back to Spencer," As I wake up. (the woman, who tells EVERYONE that she likes me, but when I am around she ignores me and acts too cool for me when I talk to her.)

    Asuka Barn... lol

    I'm in a large field in my inner world with Asuka. I want to stay with her but she orders me to look inside the barn. I ask why she won't go with me. She says Just go in and I'll understand.

    I go in and find it's a place that me and Asuka use to go to a lot. on the higher up parts all my clothes are neatly folded. I see she found my missing shoe and placed it there! I find a tape playing machine. I press play... and It's asuka singing to a kind of anime rock/pop backing. The songs are about me and her, and our love. I started welling up in tears... not sad.. but happy ones. she put this together for me so that i could remember something nice about her, which hasn't been happening much lately.

    More Asuka singing

    i'm drifting off again and I hear Asuka singing in my dream. She's saying "keep holding on, keep holding on,"

    many thanks asuka

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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      Yeah, that was really nice of her. Sometimes it is hard to focus on the positives when so much seems to be going wrong, but that is also when it is the most important.