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    by , 06-20-2024 at 04:36 AM (30 Views)
    Can't remember too much non lucid dreams. Jamie is still around.

    Jamie 1

    I'm in something like a video game. A shooting game. Maybe Fortnite. I see someone so I go into a garage to sneak a right hand peak. It's Jamie though and she runs to me. We embrace in a big hug and start making out. In the back of my mind I'm worried about getting banned for teaming.

    Last night

    Jamie 2

    Jamie is dropping me off at my house in a fancy car. I get out and say before I close the door, "please come back sometime." She smiles and drives off. The look in her eyes, however, seem a bit grandiose. Like she's not smiling because she wants to see me. But because of my statement she feels a little full of herself. I've been praying on the spirit of pride within her lately .

    Jamie 3

    In a white space. Jamie does something kind of gross at me. Not sure if she's trying to make me laugh or trying to offend. Maybe the dream energies in her are wrong again.

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