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    Better recall and a lucid.

    by , 07-07-2010 at 11:38 PM (658 Views)

    Mountain range

    first part was vague and it was about me walking with my brother up some mountain trail. We came to the peaks of some mountains.

    Later i found myself in a clearing far away at the mountains. I was looking at the mountains i had climbed. There was a native lady with me, she was very dark, older, and a bit chubby. I was telling her how i had just come from climbing those mountain peaks over there.


    I was first in some house... there was a long sequence there but i had forgotten it. Later i was walking along some roads during the daytime in a country scenery. I walked to some town by nightfall. I remembered thinking Vex lived in this area and I was wondering how I had gotten there.


    I was outside at night time with some guy. I started jumping up high and landing. then I'd jump up again and fly for a bit. The guy I was with was saying I was doing something too dangerous. I jumped up and flew away from him and said . " dont worry. It's only a dream." I flew up over some treelines and spotted a clearing below.

    I remembered I wanted to try and dilate time. I flew towards the ground trying to put my hand out in front of me. As i neared the ground my arm and hand materialized in front of me slowly. I got to the ground and placed my hand on it. I felt the sensation of closing one eye. I looked at the space between my fingers and started counting upwards.

    At first I was worried whether i was counting too fast. I counted a bit slower then when my hand suddenly umped and moved a few inches. I kept counting diligently and re focused on my hand against the dream. At around thirty my hand moved again. I looked at it and then it moved some more. It took a great deal of effort to keep my hand in one place. by fourty, I noticed my voice sounded like a melodic robot. so I forgot my hand a bit and started being goofy with my voice while i was counting. I watched my hand begin to disapear, but then part of the dream pulled away like someone turning a page in a book. After the page was turned my hand was much more clearer. I got to 49 when i woke up.


    I wound up in some town i didn't recognize. I knew I was in the USA somewhere. I needed to get back to canada. I was walking down the street and spotted a familiar house. I walked up to the house and nocied two black dogs guarding it. One dog left me alone. The other one tried to bite me as I approached the door. I had vivid memory flashbacks of playing with this dog before... more like fighting. I knew it could talk and just didn't like me for some reason. in my memory i had fought it for a while, but it always got some painfull bites in.

    It kept jumping up at me and biting my arms untila familiar man approached the door. He came out and I talked to him for a bit. I told him I needed a ride to a greyhound bus station, so that I could buy a ticket home. We got in his truck and drove off to find the bus station. during the drive I wondered if i had enough money to pay for a ticket. i also wanted to check my ID so that I could go across the border (in this dream you need an inernational card to cross between the borders). I pulled out my card and on it were pictures of my hands doing kung fu positions. I thought it was funny they would put that on a government card.

    We got to the bus depot. There was a construction lot nearby and we went there for some reason. There was a huge gravel pit that was steep i jumped in it a few times and then went into the office for the bus depot. Inside I said I wanted a ticket to go back to canada. The lady working there only managed to say some pretty random and irrelevant phrases. I gave up on her and went back to the construction place. I was talking to the man some more while sitting over the pit. down the sides of the pit was a large pink blanket. The man said I should go down again but suddenly i was afraid. I asked the man if i could slide down the blanket that way. He said sure. But i took the blanket instead and threw it down. I began trying to clomb up a part of the pit now instead of jumping in it.


    unmentionable disturbing sex related dream.

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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      A lucid! Yay for lucids! It's weird how your hand kept moving on its own... You're doing better on Walms' method of time dilation. I can't wait to see it work, I wonder if it will work better than Allura's method, which is what I use. If so, I'll have to try it.