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    by , 07-02-2017 at 11:42 PM (351 Views)
    Now I can't figure out which time I'm supposed to sleep on my days off...


    Asuka, my dad and some other people are waiting at a bus stop. I'm walking under them underground and someone is preaching in the background. "Why does he listen to that stuff?" My dad asks. "To keep from being Demon possesed," Asuka says.

    I live where?

    I'm walking on top of some garage roof or something. I float down to a door to a house that is Bjork's but it also feels like I'm living there.

    I go inside. Inside is all nice and wooden, like a log cabin but also a huge house. Bjork and a friend comes up from some stairs. Her friend is blond, she looks at me and then Bjork, and does a gesture with her fingers implying me and Bjork are doing it. Bjork scoffs and tells her to shut up and then storms off downstairs. The woman who I also seems to know disappears into a bathroom up stairs. She is still talking to me. I notice i have to use the bathroom as well.

    for a second I have my phone out with a bjork app on it but I put the phone away before Bjork can see. Anyway I try to find a washroom downstairs. The girl is talking to me through a square hole. Though I can only see her face I get away from her view to give her privacy. She laughs and says it's okay. But I'm not paying attention, I'm looking at a small doorway to what looks like another bathroom but with a bunch of dolls sitting in a tub. I try to get in there when I wake up.


    I'm flying by a bedroom window. I look in and see a ghostly girl enter a closet.\

    FA, and I'm in the saem room and the same thing happens.
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