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    by , 06-17-2024 at 01:37 AM (27 Views)
    Not much improvement at all...

    Jamie 1

    I go to her house. But it's a trailer. She opens her door but is dressed like a trailer trash man, but still a girl. Dirty white shirt etc. she seems to be happy to see me. That's all I remember.


    I'm with someone. Might be Jamie, not sure. We encounter some bears while camping. I'm terrified they are going to kill us but they turn out friendly

    Did she choose the bear?

    Jamie 2

    Black space dream finally. But not a good one. Jamie is on a motorcycle in a fancy leather suit. She gives me an, " I'm better than you," and doesn't smile. She speeds off as if to leave me in the dust..
    Reminds me of her attitude when I saw her in the store last August. I guess it's not just Shame that keeps her from even saying,"hi " to me. Other days it's grandiose ego- pride. Hmm what did I do wrong now?

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