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    by , 06-23-2020 at 01:52 AM (32 Views)
    Jamie Dreams

    First dream was an audio dream only. Just Jamie saying, "Robert." Her tone seemed serious.

    Next dream was a bad dream i guess. I was working and jamie showed up with some stereotypical bad boy. They threw and ashtray all over the restaurant.

    Some days later i had another dream where she flashed some text to me saying, "Love you." Not sure what to make of all this. Still missing those dream hugs.


    I was in this dream where i discovered all these hidden tunnels around big cities. Inside many of the tunnels you could go fast, like going down a water slide. Someone was with me, not sure. I wanted to do youtube videos on the tunnels... At one point there was a bad guy behind some glass. I pulled out a really old western pistol and shot him in the head. I shot him again trying to aim for his eye and missed, but then on the third shot i got his eye. He sort of just stood there shocked and frozen. The person with me might have been jamie, not sure.

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