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    by , 03-27-2012 at 12:20 AM (482 Views)
    This is over the past week or so.

    Fell asleep one night being otally mad at the girl who hasn't contacted me in months I fell asleep and her her say "FORGIVE MEEE!"


    I am in bed sleeping with that girl but I am under her legs.. I somehow teleported under her and her weight is crushing me. I am calling out her name and telling her to wake up and get off me. After a few minutes I am teleported to a kitchen table where asuka is standing. she has a silly stunned look on her face.

    I breifly wake up and see "2" in Hypnagogic imagery.

    Back to sleep.


    I am walking outside at night time with a girl who has reddish brown hair. She is telling me that she was thinking of asking me out but was too nervous to ask or something. I begin saying that It's okay when I wake up slightly and see the number 1 in HI.

    rip off movie

    I o into a movie theater to watch some show about star trek or something. I just sit and watch it for a while when the screen goes black. Everyone murmurs in the theater a bit. I look to the guy closest to me and say "What's up with this stupid movie?" he says, "I dunno but I'm leaving."

    "I'm getting a refund." I said to him and got up. I showed my ticket to the clerk and demanded a refund. I got it.


    I am inside a house where I see a dog with red or golden fur. It has black mud on it's fur. I am putting something down near a couch and the dog is in my way. I tell it to get out of my way. Another dogs comes in and is totally black. it harshly tries to bite the other dog causing it's fur to go darker. They start fighting when I wake up slightly and see HI that says "Rob stay away."


    I am walking in toronto towards a lake going to drown myself. and i am writing a story to that girl... planning on sending it off to her before I die. WTF.

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