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    Jamie dreams

    by , 06-08-2024 at 05:22 AM (281 Views)
    Schedule changed again. Doing delivery in red deer.. gas is expensive... Will be working long days. Already hindering dream recall.

    Jamie 1

    Just a flash of Jamie asking me, "Do you want an *** only relationship?" Won't mention specific things on here. And no it's nothing to do with an open relationship.. ( just google success rates of open marriages...)

    Jamie 2

    Just a flash of Jamie looking out of a motel room. Better be me that she's meeting...

    Jamie 3

    Jamie is asking Lou, the British manager from our work days ( the only solid manager that worked there), " Do you think Robert would like my hair how it is?" Dream fades before I hear an answer.

    Next night

    Jamie 4

    A long but blurry dream. I'm driving around like crazy. Jamie is asleep in the backseat. Later she's walking around with some girl and they have crazy hairstyles..

    ( Maybe a metaphor for my delivery driving. I'm speaking to the voice less and less during the day because of it. )

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    Tags: driving, jamie, lou, motel
    non-lucid , side notes