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    by , 08-25-2021 at 06:16 AM (173 Views)
    Entry a day late. got unexpectedly called into work right before bed...

    Jamie 1

    First I remember being in a garage with an old coworker. He was talking about his band and started doing lines of coke...

    Fast forward, I was driving? Then I was on my computer looking at Jamie's profile... Then I was driving around town again and ran into Jamie. She seemed mad at me or something and accused me of facebook stalking her... (Fact: Haven't even looked at her profile since 2012. Never looked her up in any way shape or form.)

    Jamie 2

    Days later I had this dream. Just remember her seeming more normal and easygoing.


    I was in a strange house. I was watching TV. Then my TV was gone. My brother's girlfriend said she put it away or something. I started wandering around trying to find a room to sleep in. One room led to more strange rooms, which led to more hallways maybe in another house? Just kept exploring more rooms, turning into more endless hallways and more rooms until I woke up.

    Gonna have to try that in a lucid. Enter a house, Go in the basement and try to see how endless the rooms are.

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