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    A little better recall.

    by , 02-04-2020 at 04:28 AM (35 Views)
    Jamie 1

    A dream where I'm in a room that is dark and trying to focus. Now I'm standing by a living room where Jamie is watching TV or something. She comes up to me and kisses me.

    Jamie 2

    Similar dream to last week. We are clasping our hands over a table, And jesus is there this time giving approval.

    I Still hope something like this really happens.

    More youtube dreams

    Dream about being on some hill with some youtuber I don't like. People ask if we are friends, and I say no. People are shooting in the distance and I wake cover in a bush. Earlier I remember walking around some construction building that kept changing. Then I had a FA In some room But I saw two really large ants floating above me. I freaked out and had to leave the room.

    I had other recall that I clearly remembered all week, but it's gone now.

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    non-lucid , nightmare , side notes