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    Low recall

    by , 05-11-2024 at 01:37 AM (52 Views)
    I have new sleeping arrangements and now my recall went down.

    First night:

    Just some HH of a figure that looked like my brother but I felt it was demonic.

    Second night:


    Just being in a white pickup truck with Jamie, can't remember the details.


    Jesus is helping me and Jamie (a lot of confusion and struggles with the head voice stuff the past few days.) his face is pure light and a big white light is behind him.

    Can't remember what else. Saw the same car again as the drive by from last time, but different driver - maybe her friend was driving? But I felt the glare from Jamie which makes me turn my head to look before I even realize what's happening. Her voice was insistent it was her. Grain of salt tho.

    shape shifter

    A dream of some guy in a strange building, hiding from a shape shifting monster. It's a table, then a chair, and other things I can't describe. It felt creepy though. The guy somehow painted himself the color of the walls to hide from it.

    Other HH flashes of Jamie's voice. Can't remember what was said.

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