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    by , 02-17-2020 at 09:01 PM (66 Views)
    recall was terrible as usual this week.

    Jamie 1

    Just a flash of Jamie crying really hard. Like face in hands. Been there... The night before she left, ouch. Hope my dreams aren't too psychic about this and hope she's okay. I also hope I didn't cause that somehow...

    Jamie 2

    Can't remember what happened just that her presence was there.


    I just remember being lost on a road, I hitched a ride from a lady driving a bus. I said we had to pick up my backpack or something, and suddenly we were in a city looking for it.


    Dreamed that a manager pulled a gun on me at work when i didn't want to do what he said. I ran out screaming and went to another place from the same franchise. I wanted to get him fired. Why didn't I just call the police.

    Netflix commendation: Horse Girl.

    If Jamie reads these, keep sending good vibes. I appreciate them.

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