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    Not much recall lately.

    by , 06-22-2019 at 02:48 AM (57 Views)
    Trouble sleeping. Mind going haywire again


    I go to look for Jamie but she's in a different town. I go there and she's in this dream where she's living a different life as some skater teen or something. She's too cool to even acknowledge I'm there. she takes off somewhere and I was going to look for her But I get caught up in other dream characters and their story line.


    I keep dreaming of fortnite a lot where I keep getting wins. IRL I really suck at the game.

    Not again

    A dream audio only. A woman is saying like a newscaster that Jamie took her own life... Please no more dreams like this.

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    Tags: fortnite, jamie
    non-lucid , nightmare , side notes