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    oh wel

    by , 01-28-2020 at 02:34 AM (84 Views)
    Dreams weren't as good this week. I remember some more dreams but they faded from memory quick.


    A dream we were at a restaurant. we were clasping our hands over a table as if we had just decided something. that or i was proposing something and she said, "yes." The feeling was happy and exciting. That's all.


    Was walking my dog through a forest. He actually started talking to me. He said he was walking funny because the ground was poisoned so I should be careful where I walk him.


    I was in a house with someone. Another guy broke in with a gun. The other guy said for me to put my gun down or something because it was going to cause a legal issue. I did and my friend shot the intruder from behind.

    I wish I remembered more...
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