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    by , 12-03-2019 at 01:40 AM (319 Views)
    Only recalled 2 dreams this week.

    Dream 1

    Was walking in a strange town and got home. I was with some nerdy guy who claimed to be Jamie's new boyfriend. He kept going on about her and had a book where he was writing her as a character. The guy was more weaselly and cringy than me. It's almost like she gravitated towards a replacement for me. He seemed friendly though. At some point we transitioned to my house and I sat down with him. I was leafing through his book to skip to the parts about Jamie. The "new boyfriend," then mentioned that Jamie suddenly had stopped talking to him for some time. I was like, "yeah... She does that."

    Jamie then stormed into the house followed by Asuka and Data. She was glaring at me in anger and maybe a little hurt. Nonetheless in my mind it was years since I had seen her and I was overjoyed just to see her. I had a big smile which she probably took as something negative but I was just happy to see her. Asuka rushed Jamie into another room probably for some healing of the dark cloud that was over her and maybe a talk about why she's so upset (I still don't know why.).

    suddenly Bill Hodges was in the house looking for something. The guy from ,"Mr. Mercedes." a show I've been watching on Amazon Prime. He was yapping about something but I don't know what. I kept making fun of his accent to the new guy and we gad a laugh over it. For some reason I started loudly saying, "How Dare you." making fun of Greta tunburg... honestly that's a bit of a meme now. I thought it best to give Jamie and asuka privacy in the house So I Invited the guy to go out to get some drinks and a Pub burger or something. He seemed to like the idea when I woke up.

    Honestly, I miss the big dream hugs from Jamie.

    Strange bugs

    I went in my backyard for a smoke. I saw a bunch of giant hammerhead ants crawling around so I went inside and went out the front door. Some woman in the house said my dad had left a bunch of strange bugs around. I went out the front and encountered hundreds of tiny bugs where the heads of them were the head of my dog... WTF. They all jumped on my leg. Time to give up smoking.
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    1. HumbleDreamer's Avatar
      Wow, the ants remind me of the Odontomachus or some subbreed of that. When I think of the Ants with dogs heads that remind me of the Pheidole.
      Dreams about ants? You could try to control them in your dreams?
    2. Man of Shred's Avatar
      yeah, i was not lucid and I'm not lucid often so it's very hrd to control ants haha.
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