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    by , 07-16-2019 at 04:10 AM (68 Views)

    A dream Jamie was living with me, but we went to some office building she was going in for counselling on her BPD or something. I haven't heard from her in how long and already we're going to marriage counselling .
    note: She was wearing a toque in this dream. In a lot of the dreams where she seems to be with me, it's winter time. I wonder if these are supposed to be future pacing dreams?

    Note IRL C, and old friend from previous work is now posting stuff on facebook about Twin Flames. Uggh. So i messaged her and said I've definitely been experiencing some shit around twin flames. It's a path I would not recommend to anyone, although it seems I had no real choice going on it.

    Kissing dream

    Dream I was kissing some girl, and having sex with her. Both dreams were not Jamie.

    Jamie is mad

    I'm in a dream where me, Jamie, and C are all working at the same job. Jamie is the supervisor and as soon as C shows up, she starts bitching C out about how she's showing up at her shift at the wrong time. Jamie is being really mean to her, C walks away almost tearing up.

    In another dream, Jamie is just taking me by the hand and leading me somewhere. She doesn't talk but now she seems worried, and she's clenching my hand really hard.

    I guess I'll have to be really careful with C and not let things go too far. I just want to warn her about this stuff because she was really nice to me back in the day, and I don't forget that.

    All week my dreams were less and less. I had trouble sleeping etc.
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