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    Short lucid again

    by , 06-27-2017 at 07:00 PM (167 Views)

    Started I was waiting at a bus stop with my dog. It was super windy out almost knocking me over. It was night time almost pitch black. I looked across the street to where the mcdonald's is supposed to be. I notice 3 big and black tornadoes in the sky coming towards me. I turn and run with my dog. I go around the corner and walk for a bit.

    Suddenly I'm on the bus with my dog and we are driving through the storm.I become lucid because I don't remember boarding the bus. I walk around the bus for a minute but everything is too black and I lose the dream.

    Jamie Returns

    Dream about an old friend. We are in some dark back yard with a large dark green tree. She says she has to explain everything to me so I will understand. She goes to the tree and finds an opening I follow her inside. Inside is like another world. There's something strange inside. There are lines of white powder flowing down from the walls. Jamie starts snorting lines... ummm okay, then disappears and wakes up (She ways into some drugs when I knew her but not heavily.)

    suddenly i'm outside the tree and it's on a high landing. i'm holding onto it because I don't want to fall. Some guy with a beard walks by and says something to me but I'm not paying attention.
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