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    some dreams.

    by , 03-15-2018 at 03:52 AM (152 Views)

    A dream of walking around my house and hearing ghostly whispers. I remember freaking out.


    Just a dream of seeing Jamie. We were in a dark room. Don't remember too much details, just that we both seemed happy.

    Longish dream.

    Started I was visiting Jamie and old friend from work. I was in a strange town. He kept saying that the google map would beep to help me find my way out. I started walking away when he left but i couldn't find my way. I went down a hill that was winding with lots of houses.

    Suddenly I was picked up in a car with moe in it. I was in the back seat, I was wondering why he was nice enough to give me a ride. His two friends were in the backseat with me.

    Next i was in a restaurant with B from the alberta ghost hunter society. we were in a restaurant and I was expected to pay for everyone's meal. B pulled up the bill and it was 1000. I didn't have enough in my account so I said i wanted to pay partly with a credit card. B seemed pissed and said that it might not be allowed??? WTF. I swiped with the credit card but it brought up a display with David's images from his phone. I had to retry and got the same thing. I was pretty frustrated when it didn't work.
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