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    Some Dreams!

    by , 07-06-2022 at 09:17 AM (232 Views)

    Took Place in Canmore, (Where I am now) I was in a cross between the Canmore mcdonald's and staff accommodations. Jamie was coming to live and work here or something. Bir was saying what the plans were for me and jamie to work together, we were outside at night time. Fast forward I was talking To Jamill and he said, "Jamie was here to see you". I thought it was real life. She was sitting at some table She gave me a hug. She was blond and overweight. I mistakenly made some comment about that and she seemed a tad upset. We starts walking somewhere I begin to ask her if she remembers or reads and of the dreams... Then I wake up.

    I had other dreams throughout the week that were vivid but I can't recall them now.

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    Tags: canmore, jamie