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    Some good dreams.

    by , 03-29-2024 at 07:03 PM (49 Views)
    Steady Jamie dreams. Holy.

    Tuesday night: Asuka spoke up as a voice in my head (she's been quiet for years, except for occasionally grumbling at Jamie.) , asking if she should double check on Jamie. I'm like, "Ya! Do something funny so we both remember something."


    A flash of being in a living room. Asuka walks Jamie in and Jamie has this crazy 80's hair with the messy waves and big hairspray. They are both smiling like it's funny.


    I'm in the black space, Jamie is holding me tightly and talking all serious with me but loving. It sounds like she is saying she wants something really serious with me, but I can't remember the exact words. Is that so? Well, I'm all for it. I just hope she's clear with me next time on, Goals, Labels, and intentions.

    Wed night:

    Various flashes of Jamie but the are so quick, not even a fraction of a second long.


    Somewhat vivid non lucid. It's night time and outside, I'm by my dream house. There's a funny slide I fly up to and go down. One time I came off the slide and there's these Giant black frogs with black spots. They are HUGE, like medium sized dogs. I go on the slide a bunch of times and the dream fades.


    A love-making dream with Jamie. It was really tender is all I'll say. I both felt it and had a 3rd person perspective on it.


    I walk into a garage where Jamie is she is sorting recycling and looks grossed out. Dream fades right away. Is Asuka making her do chores again?

    Last night:


    I'm going to a group meetup of people that worked at Wal-Mart when Jamie was there. There's an open field. Jessica and Tanner are there. They kind of ignore me. Jamie walks up and says, "Hey everybody." While sort of looking around at us, but she never makes eye contact with me. They freeze her out too and then she storms off. I spend the rest of the dream wandering around and wondering why Jamie never said , "Hello," to me directly and why did she storm off? I took it too personally and I started getting intense feelings and almost started crying.

    I woke up and realized, it was her intense feelings of getting fozen out that transferred to me, causing myself to not properly asses the situation, making it all about her. In the dream, since I wasn't really saying anything (I always get nervous around her unless she says something to me) so she was seeing me as part of the group that was freezing her out. I guess I have to be prepared for situations like these. My goal would be to listen to her and validate her feelings about the situation, but since being seen as part of the group I wasn't even given a chance to. I know all too well how feelings of worthlessness can EDIT what you are seeing in reality. I have posts on this forum from years ago, where I'm intensely arguing with someone over what I think they said. and I go back and read and they didn't say it at all. That's why I liked working Mcdonald's is because it forced me to really work with people. I used to get upset at someone if they looked at me the wrong way, or said something mean. And I would either rage at them or rage in my mind. But then I started stepping out of that mentally and really looking at things and thinking, "Maybe they are just being sarcastic," or, "Maybe they are just having a bad day. Then after a while, I become the sarcastic, funny guy that doesn't take things too seriously.

    Still upset

    I go back to Jamie's house and find she's locked herself in a bathroom with a giant fancy door. I can't get in to talk to her, then the dream ends. I hope she's okay.

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