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    still no lucids.

    by , 09-23-2010 at 02:08 AM (403 Views)

    School weird

    i'm in some class in school supposed to be doing some assignment. But I wait for the class to finish, i figure I'll just do the assignment at home. Meggy from MM is sitting in front of me. so I ask her for some notes. I see her notebook and there's things written about me in there. I say, "woah you still write about me? WTF?" she laughs and says something i can't recall. Get this: apperently the Assignment is about Pokemon and how different groups use pokemon. I can see different cartoon characters with different pokemon.

    Class ends. I find corey in the hallway and he invites me to hang out with him. I follow him outside He goes around the tthe bach of the school where there's a cliff and jumps off. I follow him down andfocus on the spot i want to land. When i do now I'm at another cliff, but fear suddenly strikes me. I muster up the courage to jump the next cliff but As soon as I do the dream rewinds. Now I think i am playing a video game because I am watching myself from 3rd person perspective, I try to move myself to follow corey but I wake up.


    I'm driving on a mountain and come across a destroyed bridge. I can see construction crew rebuilding it. so then i go to some house and later decid to climb over the mountain to get where I'm going. I walk into the woods with someone i can't recall. I suddenly zoom to third person perspective and see that i have shape shifted into a bear. I am knocking over small trees and eating them...

    Later I get to the other side of the mountain now in normal form. I enter a building with the person and we are looking for something but I find that one of the doors are blocked off.


    i'm in some living room. a woman wants to show me something, so she opens a case and a strange dog jumps out of the case. t's nose is longer than it's jaw and it bites me on the arm a lot. I sit on the couch and I notice the woman is fat, but i sit beside her and hold her hand anyway.

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    Tags: 3 stars, corey, dog, weird


    1. Serenity's Avatar
      I've been getting lucid, but nothing over that basic dream awareness I can't do anything with them!
    2. Raven Knight's Avatar
      I would sure like to know what has happened to our lucids! Mine have all but disappeared, too. It's really annoying.

      The fat woman, do you think that was Asuka? You have said a dog biting your arm means she needs help. I'll be glad to heal her if I can get a lucid dream sometime soon...
    3. Man of Shred's Avatar
      yeah everytime a dog bites my arm in a dream it always happens around the same time she is taken or infected with negative energy. i think it's my guide's way of letting me know something is wrong.