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    strange lucid

    by , 09-04-2010 at 02:58 AM (542 Views)

    Lucid and FA

    I can't remember exactly when or how i became lucid. I was in a strange building with a few people. There was one guy that looked like Arthur from the Inception movie. For some reason i was trying to open a portal using him... i must have expected a portal to come out of his chest.

    At one point i had to go pee and i found a place. I heard some girls coming. so i went up them and told them to go the other way so that I could finish. I hopped back up and found the arthur guy again. I pointed at him with my pinky trying to open a portal, didn't work. I said "I don't know why i always try to open portals with my pinkies". Arthur then sounded like he didn't ant to be a portal subject, so i knocked him out somehow. While he was laying there I jumped and let myself fall on him while i closed my eyes.

    FA, I went out of the house, Arthur was there again. Some guy was trying to enter my house with cocaine. I did jiu jitsu or something because i had the guy on the ground in some weird choke hold. I knocked him out and threw his cocaine somewhere, some guy said i shouldn't put it there, so i found another place for it. I turned around and three black yappy dogs ran across the street. One jumped up and started biting my arm. I was fighting him off when a second yappie dog jumped and bit my arm too.
    While I was struggling with them, there was a fourth Yappie dog, but he was bigger and seemed like a person. He had dark human eyes and had an aura. He was just watching me fight off the little dogs. I think he was romano, who likes to be dogs in dreams. anyway i threw the one dog off, I saw a white yappy dog biting Arthur's crotch and threw the other yappy dog at him which bit his arm now and was hanging by his teeth. the Romano dog began walking towards me.

    Missing time

    Asuka wtf

    I was in some building and my friends girlfriend kept hitting on me. I also recognised asuka in her. I was uncomfortable with her hitting me, because it was my friend's gf.

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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      Not again... why can't everyone just leave Asuka alone?! It seems she is always everyone's favorite target. That makes me wonder if there might be anything that connects the different enemies that have attacked Asuka. That idea might be way off the mark, but I want to check it out... which I'm going to do as soon as I can get my recall back...
    2. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      that's just insane