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    um wow...

    by , 06-02-2024 at 03:13 AM (34 Views)
    Well we seem to be past that hurdle. Whatever it was.

    Short lucid

    For some reason I was going to school with my brother. I was really annoyed that I had to go to school. I got pissed off and went to wait in my brother's car.
    Became lucid randomly. I then remembered I often dream of Jamie in a school so I went in to look for her. I said out loud, "Now to find Jamie." As soon as I said that. It's like I was hit with a sleep dart. I opened a random door, and heard strange sounds like people talking but with a lot of reverb. I just fell on the floor and woke up.


    Very nonsensical dream with Jamie. I was lying down and prparing a giant gold thing?!?!?!?! Jamie was waiting by a door and she started looking impatient. like "Hurry up already."

    Definitely one of those dreams that only makes sense when you dream.

    Kissing who?

    I was in a room made of blankets and pillows?!?!?!? Some girl came in who seemed familiar. She smiled and we started kissing. Her face kept changing in front of me. I said, "I keep seeing your face change! I think I'm cheating." The girl looked flustered and left.

    I think it was Jamie... Oops!


    Long dream.

    I went to a farmhouse. looked like desert. I went into the basement. A bunch of people covered in a white suit started attacking me. Somehow I made it outside and spied on the people behind the fence. The people in white suits took them off. Now they were preteens in army gear... And Donald Trump was leading them.. confusing dream.


    I'm working at Walmart covering the Door greeter shift. Jamie walks by towards the Mcdonald's on her break and says something snarky to me. (Seems to be a replay of a real life thing from 2011. If I recall she wasn't saying anything snarky. But I do recall it's one of the first times she was going out of her way to talk to me.)

    Hopefully the dreams get better.

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