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    by , 08-13-2019 at 03:39 AM (248 Views)
    Jamie Dreams

    I had one dream that was very hard to remember. Just one with her in it. she seemed very concerned about me.

    In another dream I ran into her at the bar we first hung out at. She was with a group of friends she went up to me and said "If there's anyone who needs a hug it's this guy."

    One other dream she changed her profile pic to a steering wheel? okay.


    Dreamed I was at a house party. After a while someone was killed and the dream rewound until the murder happened again. The third time I saw V from work there and we started talking. I noticed C staring at us and she looked sad. okay can she please not show up anymore?


    I ran into C's sister somewhere and said, "Hi," just too be friendly. she was mad at me and said I made a comment earlier about her ass... Not like me to say something vulgar like that.


    I kept getting mad at some yappie dog that kept waking me up...

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    Tags: chelsea, dog, jamie
    non-lucid , dream fragment