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    Chichen Itza Riding on Ice + Puffin?!

    by , 08-02-2011 at 06:33 AM (1075 Views)
    I woke up around 5 AM to attempt a WILD. My HH was extremely weird! I heard marbles rolling around, and I could see feet floating by me.
    Anyway here is my dream:

    I was looking up at Chichen Itza. I stabilized the dream. Chichen Itza seemed oddly big, too big. I looked around and figured out I was really small. I touched my nose and imagined myself becoming bigger. Everything looked normal now.

    I made a box appear and grabbed a bright orange top hat out of it, and put it on. I saw something on the ground and went to grab it, it looked like a Harry Potter wand. I pointed it to the sky and imagined the beacon coming out of it and shooting into the sky, right above the pyramid.

    There was a huge flash, and I could see green colors floating above the pyramid. Good enough. It was dark out, but not too dark. It seemed like night was going to rush over the sky any minute, but it didn't.

    I decided to go to the top of Chichen Itza, and look for anybody else. There on the stairs was that same girl that dropped the baby in my other dream.

    She had a dark green hoodie on, lightish brown hair, and blue eyes. "Puffin? Is that you?" I said. She looked up at me, excited.

    "Your dreaming!"
    "Really?" She looked around, excited.
    "Yes. It's Mancon Puffin!"
    "Wow.." she exclaimed.

    Suddenly she looked a bit alarmed.

    "There's something I have to show you grab my arm! Oh my gosh, this is so cool! Grab my arm!"
    I grabbed her arm, and she looked really concentrated. There was a white flash, and we were standing under a cliff.

    The cliff was really tall, and made of rock, some parts covered in dark green moss.

    In front of us was water with huge waves. You could see the cliff reflected in the water, with the reflection of the mossy parts, standing out the most.

    We were standing on a sandy beach, with some crabs walking around. It seemed like there would be a storm coming soon.

    "Is this really a shared dream?" she asked me.
    "I don't know, if it is it is my first one! What do you want to do?" I asked her.
    "I read your skating on ice dream, and though it was really cool! We NEED to do that!"
    "Oh you did? That sounds like a lot of fun actually!"

    I used waterbending to shape boards out of water, and then freeze them.

    "Here you go," I handed one to her, "Just step on it and go! Like frozone!"

    We both shot off at the same time into the air. A frosty blue ice trail shot behind us. We did cool tricks, and kept going higher and higher. Everything got foggy.

    "Let's try to make it to the moon!" I told her.
    "Okay!" I heard a faint reply.

    I shot up until I could hear my board cracking. No worries! I remembered I can just fly. I jumped off my ice board and flew straight at the moon. I landed, and dust flew up everywhere.

    I looked around.
    "Puffin?" I asked.
    She was no where in site. I flew all the way around the moon looking for her, no Puffin!

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    1. Arra's Avatar
      That sounds like an exciting lucid. I've been to chitzen itza too. It's odd to have been physically to a place someone talks about in their dream. Did you ever ask Puffin if she had the same dream?
    2. Mancon's Avatar
      Puffin did dream of the exact same cliff I dreamt of, but she doesn't remember anything else It was still a really cool experience!
    3. Puffin's Avatar
      If only I remembered more...

      Cool dream!
    4. Finlander's Avatar
      I was just searching through your DJ, and noticed that's my avatar!!! (Almost that is)
      Mancon likes this.
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