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    Dream World Academy...Yet Another Lucid Dream! 7/9/11

    by , 07-10-2011 at 03:40 AM (1791 Views)
    3 amazingly vivid and long lucid dreams in 2 days?!?! I must say...im doing quite well. For those of you who don't know what the Dream World Academy is please look here .

    I was driving down a small street in a haunted looking down where all of a sudden the ground started shaking. I gasped and stopped the car. I got out and tripped from the shaking. I slowly got up and looked around, panicked. The shaking became more and more violent and suddenly huge boulders started rolling towards me. I tried to run away but they kept following me. I looked in the dark sky and saw the letters: DV. The first thing is reminded of was Dramviews. Wait! Why was I in this town running from...boulders? I was dreaming! It was such a cool way to become lucid! I turned around and kicked the boulders and they exploded. The very first thing I decided to do was try to find the Dream World Academy. I ran away from the town like Flash and just expected to find a castle or something. Instead I found an ocean. It was stormy and the waves were extremely high, but it was inviting me in. One of my goals was to go on an underwater adventure so why not? I jumped in. Everything underwater was clear but had a different look to it. Almost...foggy. I continued to swim looking for anything when I bumped my head into a wall. I was about to say "Ow" when I remembered it was a dream. No worries! I examined the bricks closer and found a door. The door was diamond-like and covered in seaweed. I opened it. Inside the walls was a HUGE castle. The castle had 4 big white glass domes surrounding it and a seaweed garden. The castle itself was a greenish blueish color and looked triangular shaped. It had a tower at each point. I walked up closer to it and noticed people staring at me. Then the doors of the castle opened and a mermaid swam out. "Welcome to the Academy! Here You will be able to take any classes you like including swan diving! I just learned how to swan dive!" she said in a Musical voice. "Hi! Thank you! The Academy is beautiful! What's your name" I said to her. "Joslyn" she replied. "Can you tell me more about the academy? I have to report back to Dreamviews." I told Joslyn. "Ah..yes I heard about your Dreamviews mission from other academies of the world. Well this academy started when a young boy Grew up in an academy far away. He came here and used powerful magic to create these very walls."
    I nodded and walked inside the castle. The walls were made out of white marble and were very clean. There were TONS of hallways everywhere and I walked into a random door on my right. "Welcome!" a small elf-like man said to me. "Here you will learn anything you wish." I was trying to think what I wanted to learn. "Teach me how I can swim faster in my dreams." Suddenly I was in the middle of the ocean with the castle nowhere in site. He looked at me and made a circle gesture with his thumbs. A bubble ring appeared around him and he swam through it. Right when he entered the ring he flew forward very fast. "Just keep bending your thumbs like this!" I tried it and blue bubbles appeared in front of me! It was amazing! I was shooting across the water faster then ever. Suddenly I was back in his classroom. The teacher was nowhere in site. I closed my eyes and wanted Joslyn to appear. When I opened them she was there! "Hi Joslyn. This dream has been amazing so far. This academy is amazing. Do you mind if I come back here and visit again in my dreams?" "Come anytime you want! And invite your friends from Dreamviews!" She pointed up and where I looked up I could feel my eyes opening in real life. I woke up

    This was probably one of my favorite dreams I've had so far! I've been extremely lucky with 3 lucids in 2 days I doubt ill get one tonight .

    Thanks for reading

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    1. NoDaniel's Avatar
      ...I wanna talk to mermaids... lucky bitch
    2. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      Awesome stuff. Congrats.
    3. Skygerobrian's Avatar
      Some of my favorite dreams of all time are water based. Love exploring in luminescent underwater temple areas... cant wait to have a lucid dream where I can go underwater.
    4. Mancon's Avatar
      Thanks everyone! Good luck on that lucid Skygerobrian!
      Skygerobrian likes this.
      Updated 07-10-2011 at 05:28 AM by Mancon123
    5. KingYoshi's Avatar
      Awesome dream! Very creative Academy location as well !
    6. Wristblade56's Avatar
      awesome! I'm definetely going to one of the castles next lucid.