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    Task Of the Month July 2011-Completed! 7/8/11

    by , 07-08-2011 at 08:10 AM (1013 Views)
    I've been taking a lot of breaks from Dreamviews lately and I decided to finally start my journal on here and get back into it! Since I have left I have suddenly had A LOT of luck in lucid dreaming and love it! I read the TOTM Earlier today and I decided to nap and give it a try!
    Anyway here is my TOTM DJ:

    It was nightime and the stars were illuminating the sky. Millions of little magical sparkles. I could hear cars in the distance. I look down and found I was standing on top of a skyscraper in a HUGE city. I was memorized by the beauty of the city. I always had loved cities. I looked down at a taxi driving across the busy road. Every time the Taxi hit a tiny bump the taxi grew in size. Suddenly I asked myself How I got to this roof and I realized I was dreaming! Everything sort of flickered. The lights all went off for a second and everything came back clearer then it was before. I was lucid! I was going to float down from the rooftop into the street but then I remembered the TOTM that I had just read earlier today! I remembered the play an instrument one but I couldnt remember the advanced task. I decided to stay on the city rooftop and play it while looking down at the beautiful city. I assumed a box would be on the roof with an instrument in it and when I looked around I saw one! I went over to examine it and wanted the instrument to be a flute. I opened the box and was surprised to find a trombone! I took it out and held it in my hand. It seemed really big. I put my mouth to the mouthpiece and thought about synesthesia which is the mixing of senses. I have a form of it where when I see objects move I hear a small sound, but there are many different forms of it. There's one form where when you hear sound you can see color. I decided I would try that in my dream. I blew the first note and a beautiful sound that I cant explain escaped. The city froze and a ripple of purple appeared in front of me. All of a sudden I was floating and moving slowly. I kept playing random beautiful notes and more and more colors rippled around me. I was close enough to the ground now I could see people staring up at me with a shocked expression on their faces. They stared at me in amazement. I smiled and waved at them. For a moment I even forgot I was dreaming. I was just focused on all the colors. I decided to land on the street and give the trombone to someone random. They smiled at me like they needed that trombone to survive. I sat down on a city bench and tried to remember what the advanced task was...I remembered it has something to do with a movie and....OH MY GOSH! Where the Wild things are! I was so excited I remembered the dream started fading away. But I managed to grasp onto it. Everything was little blurrier but I didn't mind as long I was still in the dream. How long had I been napping? Surely 20 minutes had passed maybe longer. The dream would end soon!

    I hurried through the first door I saw and I came out in a forest. It was a lively forest with animals everywhere. I turned around and saw an owl staring down at me. I smiled at it. I had never seen the movie or even remembered the book so I had no idea what the story was about except a kid with a crown with buffalo-like friends. Suddenly I heard stomping in the forest and all the animals scattered. A HUGE wild thing came out of the bushes. It was bigger then I thought it would be! I looked up at it and touched it's finger. "I am in control of your species now." I said. It nodded and stared at me with wide green eyes. I told it to go get its friends when all of a sudden I woke up.

    I was amazed that I actually completed the tasks the day that I read about them! The dream felt really unreal and I would love to go back to that city again. Thanks Ninja for such a great TOTM! I am off to a GREAT start in coming back to DreamViews.

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    1. scorqyon's Avatar
      If you give me your city dream I will give you my possessed bear dream. O_O
    2. Wurlman's Avatar
      Very nice one of my goals is to play drums well dreaming so I hopefully I can knock out the Totm as well as a goal of my own!!! Nice dream and handled like a pro same day Totm!!!! Woot woot