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    April 21st, 2009

    by , 06-04-2011 at 02:23 AM (269 Views)
    It started at McDonald's. I was walking around for a bit but an Indian lady yelled at me. I then started walking towards the play place which was replaced with 2 sand quarter pipes and sand in between. In addition to that, there are two BMX'ers poorly BMXing. I see my bud Max and he's wearing a swim suit. We walk towards a door to the play place but I see my other bud Puppy lying in the sand. He is talking about how BMXers cant ride on cold sand. I walk into the door.

    We are preparing for a game of Spies and Mercs in the play place and there are a lot of my friends there. The game starts. I do some amazing acrobatics and dodge some tags. Its weird because Spies and Mercs isn't a tag game. I get cornered by this kid Corey. He is just about to tag me when I do a backwards jump to an island play place.

    I then jump off of the Island and climb some wooden poles. The first one, I can climb no problem but the second one tilts and falls after I jump off of it. Someone tattles on me and I'm sent to go see my Gym teacher about it. Instead, a weird man catches me and gives me a shovel and a new pole for the ground. I take a second to notice the beautiful transition from McDonalds to a beautiful prairie and meadows and hills. As I get closer to the broken pole, It gets grayer and grayer. Eventually it's pouring rain and I'm 150 feet away from where the pole is. It has since moved out into the middle of a long grass prairie. There is a tractor spraying high power water water jets towards the pole coming at it from my left. Think of it like a cross. I'm coming to the center from the middle and the tractor is coming at it from the left wing. The dream ends as I'm racing against the tractor.

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