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    Words from Shift-Dream Signs

    by , 06-04-2011 at 02:28 AM (288 Views)
    Well there aren't a whole lot of dreams up, try to get one or two per night and it'll be easy to find dreamsigns and consistency. But here are some that jumped out at me. The ones on top seem especially to be dream signs, the other ones are just things that showed up more than once:

    Friends (RC when you see your friends, pictures of friends, get a text from a friend, make plans with a friend, think of a friend)
    The facade/outside of buildings (try to notice every time you are outside of a building what kind it is, if it fits its location and time period, make sure to RC every time you see a building)
    Working for people, having some sort of job (not sure if you have a job, RC every time you think of it if you do, and also any time you think in general of other people having jobs)
    Macabre/fantastic stuff (blood, flesh, ogres, wow, zombies) (rc when you see or think of these things and play games/see videos that have them in them)
    Music, esp guitars (I'm guessing you have a guitar... RC to it!)
    Computer stores & video games (RC when you see, use, think of these things)
    basements/caves, beings living in caves (RC when you see/think of these things. If you have a basement, maybe go down there a couple of times a day and RC)
    drugs/druggies/drug dealers
    political things (republican calling you liberal, Obama)

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