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    1. I Failed the Test

      by , 01-12-2012 at 12:21 PM (Freedom Reign)
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      Broke my dry-spell

      I was doing a project in my Pre-Calculus class, in which we were to make a website about something. When it was my turn to present, Mrs. Ward (the teacher) said something about not being fully prepared. She loaded up my website onto the Smart Board in front on the room, and was browsing it. She then clicked on a link that was supposed to link to the first page of my friend's website, but instead, it linked to the entire website instead. Mrs. Ward pointed this out, and I felt bad.

      Afterwards, my mom called me on my cell phone. She told me she had to do something in McAdenville, and wouldn't be able to pick me up. I asked if I had to ride with my cousin (he lives in McAdenville, and goes to a different school), and she said yes. I tried to find an excuse to not go to McAdenville, such as I had soccer practice.

      I was now at home, unleashing my dog. As I was walking back to the house, I wondered why I wasn't at soccer practice. It then occurred to me that I had a car, and there was no reason for me to ride with Jalen in the first place. It also occurred to me I'm training for tennis, and soccer season had already passed.
      With this, the dream ended.

      I lied very still as I woke up, with the intent to jump back into the dream consciously. I felt the familiar tinglings of SP. I tried to visualize the dream where it ended. Very vivid images of the past dream flashed in my vision, then the tingling became more intense. I decided I would just ride the vibrations into lucidity. The vibrations became more intense, and for once, I saw HI. It wasn't very colorful; in fact, it looked more like "shadows" jumping around my room. Surprisingly, I wasn't scared and just remained calm. Once the vibrations subsided, I did a RC. I was dreaming!

      I was standing up in my room. "Well, since I'm in a dream, I can do anything, like passing the walls." (I mainly said this to affirm myself I wouldn't slam into the walls like last time ) I passed through the walls with ease. It was very beautiful outside; it was dawn and the sky was a mix of blue and orange hues. The environment was very vivid. I decided to seize the opportunity to further ground myself into the dream. I got down on my stomach and smelled and felt the green grass. It smelt very refreshing, and the environment around me in response to this got a little brighter. I got up with the intent of accomplishing the goal of contacted my 'subconscious,' or, the 'intelligence' behind the dream to find my dream guide.

      From back around my house, I see a figure. As it approaches me, I notice it's a Hispanic girl who was completely nude. She gave me a smile, and walked passed me. "CRAP," I thought to myself. This was definitely doing to interfere with my goal. I turned around and followed the girl, wanting a hug (wow, I'm surprised I just wanted a hug). She turned around.

      "Why don't you come with me for a bit?" I thought about this briefly. "Sorry," I said, "I'm on a mission here."

      She smiles again. "You're trying to find it, aren't you? Don't worry, it should still be here soon."

      At this point, I don't know what overcame me, and I gave into temptation. I went to the girl, and did some tasteless stuff. The girl allowed it, but her expression implied she was obviously disappointed in me.

      "Yea well....you better get going."

      I took a deep breath, about to ask my subconscious to manifest before me with firm intent. At the point however, I suddenly woke up.

      After waking up, I realize that that girl was testing me to see whether or not I had the conviction to accomplish my goals without getting distracted; obviously, I didn't . However, I'm happy that I broke my dry spell, and this definitely won't happen again. I swear I've seen this girl in a previous dream before....

    2. The Machine

      by , 08-17-2010 at 02:42 AM (Freedom Reign)
      Commentary || Lucid || Non-Lucid

      I woke up naturally around 3:15. I attempted a MILD.

      I woke up in bed. I instinctively did an RC by pinching my nose, and I could breathe through it. I remained calm, and got up slowly. Is started to blow on, and feel my hands. They felt clamy. Clarity increased. I began feeling the texture of the wooden drawer beside my bed. I lost my vision here, but I regained it by giving a "Clarity Now!" shout.

      I left my room and walked down the hallway. I reminded myself it was day outside, and sure enough, I saw light creeping through the seems of my front door. I went outside and it was dawn. I looked up at the sky, and saw the second moon I had created during my first lucid (It's my Dreamsign). I went to where the concrete driveway and grass met, and bent on my knees. I knelt about 5 inches from the ground and started to examine the concrete and grass.

      My lucidity and clarity skyrocketed and this point. I though about summoning someone and haveing sex; however, I looked back at the house and my parents were awake doing dishes (My mom had a huge afro ). I then decided I wanted to change the scene to a beach like setting.

      I asked my dream to provide me a way of doing that, and I turned the corner. Sure enough, there was a machine sitting on my porch. Quite honestly, the machine looked like a large HP printer with a digital camera on top and a door that opened in the middle of it. Oddly, it seems like I didn't get inside the door, but jumped on top of it and tried to fly with it!

      As I was in the air, my logic kicked in a little too much, and I had a fear that I was going to fall. I then pulled a:

      "By the way, did I mention this machine has wings that will let me fly?"

      The machine (or my dream) retorted:

      "You must be at least 100 ft. in the air to fly"

      So I found a ramp (I believe I flew off the ramp in the first place) and placed it against a fence. I was going to get momentum and take off.

      I woke up here. It was bout 4:50.

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