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    Freedom Reign

    The Machine

    by , 08-17-2010 at 02:42 AM (577 Views)
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    I woke up naturally around 3:15. I attempted a MILD.

    I woke up in bed. I instinctively did an RC by pinching my nose, and I could breathe through it. I remained calm, and got up slowly. Is started to blow on, and feel my hands. They felt clamy. Clarity increased. I began feeling the texture of the wooden drawer beside my bed. I lost my vision here, but I regained it by giving a "Clarity Now!" shout.

    I left my room and walked down the hallway. I reminded myself it was day outside, and sure enough, I saw light creeping through the seems of my front door. I went outside and it was dawn. I looked up at the sky, and saw the second moon I had created during my first lucid (It's my Dreamsign). I went to where the concrete driveway and grass met, and bent on my knees. I knelt about 5 inches from the ground and started to examine the concrete and grass.

    My lucidity and clarity skyrocketed and this point. I though about summoning someone and haveing sex; however, I looked back at the house and my parents were awake doing dishes (My mom had a huge afro ). I then decided I wanted to change the scene to a beach like setting.

    I asked my dream to provide me a way of doing that, and I turned the corner. Sure enough, there was a machine sitting on my porch. Quite honestly, the machine looked like a large HP printer with a digital camera on top and a door that opened in the middle of it. Oddly, it seems like I didn't get inside the door, but jumped on top of it and tried to fly with it!

    As I was in the air, my logic kicked in a little too much, and I had a fear that I was going to fall. I then pulled a:

    "By the way, did I mention this machine has wings that will let me fly?"

    The machine (or my dream) retorted:

    "You must be at least 100 ft. in the air to fly"

    So I found a ramp (I believe I flew off the ramp in the first place) and placed it against a fence. I was going to get momentum and take off.

    I woke up here. It was bout 4:50.

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