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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Regular Class?

      by , 01-04-2012 at 01:00 AM (Freedom Reign)
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      I have had a multitude of dreams over the past few days, I just got lazy and didn't post them here . Oh well, I need to do better in the future

      I was in my e-Commerce class on the first day back to school after the Winter Break, and everyone was trying to get their final project done, as it is due tomorrow. Talking to my friend John, this is how our conversation went:

      Me: "So John, going to get some Capstone work done today?"
      John: "Oh yea, I plan on talking to some people, eating, goofing off..."
      Me: "Don't forget playing Tetris!"
      John: "Yeah. THEN I'll get some work done."

      At this point I got incredibly hungry, and opened up my lunchbox to see if I had any food. Unfortunately, I had packed sausage and vegetables to eat for lunch, and didn't pack any snacks. At this, I requested John to go find me some snacks, and handed him my lunchbox. In the end, he just took the contents out, appearing to want it for himself. "The nerve...," I muttered to myself. At this point, I got up and circled the room. As I was coming back to my seat, I tapped this girl on the shoulder then walked away quickly. She fell for it and looked in the direction I tapped her in. "I can't believe she fell for that," I said to myself. My teacher then asked me if I had finished my 3 'Burst Responses', which John said were 3 assignments on the rubric to be completed over the break. I replied yes.

      At this point, a student named Maury came out of my Teacher's supply closet (this closet, in reality, is way too small to house a person in). My teacher asked him what he was doing in there, and he said students locked him in there, and sealed off the closet with huge strips of duck tape.

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    2. Mysterious Attack, Camp Trip, and Blind Fight

      by , 08-17-2010 at 02:23 AM (Freedom Reign)
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      I went to bed at about 11:30. Set me alarm to wake up at 5. Go figure, I woke up at 4:50. I went to sleep and recalled two dreams.
      Dream 1

      I was teaching this girl how to fight. She had an attack which required to be charged up. When she finally released it, the Earl (from the anime D.Gray Man) was gone. There something about here attack that resembled an octopus that I didn't recall.

      Dream 2

      I was staying at some hotel at some camp. I was staying with my brother, and we hung out at the pool several times. I recalled some events about a car (My Aunt's? Maybe some Dream Residue here because she visited my that day). It was red with a red/black custom interior. We were then in a library. This black guy sprayed some spray (pepper spray?) at my face. I got mad. My face felt warm and I couldn't see. I started swinging at the guy. After I was finished, I saw I had beat the crap out of him. I avoided him for the rest of the trip.
    3. Birthday Party and Sex - Day 4 [Non-Lucid]

      by , 07-31-2010 at 06:48 PM (Freedom Reign)
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      Day 4

      I first went to bed with an intention of doing a DILD. Repeated my mantras and everything. Went to bed at about 11:00.
      Unfortunately, I do not recall any dreams after I woke up at about 12:50. I got up, used the bathroom, and went back to bed for another attempt at DILD.

      Again, no results. I woke up at about 6:30. I then decided to try a WILD. I got up, used the bathroom, and went on this site and researched Lucid Dreams a bit more for about 20 minutes.
      I went to bed, and started.

      I tried to focus on my breathing and relax as much as possible, following the "One. I will have a lucid dream. Two. I will have a lucid dream. etc" technique. I counted to about 700 breaths then got exhausted and bored, as I was experiencing no hallucinations. I could feel my body get fairly numb, but otherwise, no results. So I just decided to go to sleep.

      Again, no results. I woke up at about 9:00. I got up, used the bathroom (I drank a lot of water the previous day before bed) and went back to bed for a morning nap. For the first 20 minutes, I listened to Isochronal beats to calm me down and get me in the mindset, then I went to sleep.

      I woke up, and after spending 2-3 minutes in bed, had recalled my previous dream in amazing detail. I began writing it down. Although it wasn't a lucid dream, I'll still tell it:

      Note: The entire dream was in Third Person

      I was at my friend's birthday party. Several people I had just met on a weekend Church trip were there. At lunch-time, we were served fried shrimp (Which I had for dinner last night). I heated it in the oven because it was cold. When it was done, oddly it was still cold so I heated it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

      The dream then skipped places, yet still remained in the same general setting.

      I was then in my mother's car, with my aunt in the passenger seat and my mother driving approaching my friend's house in which he was having his B-day. In the backseat, sat two tubs filled with hot water (I can't believe I didn't do a reality check here). It one tub was me and in another was a girl. We were both naked.

      I believe the girl tried to seduce me by rubbing her breasts together. I told her to get in my tub while my aunt wasn't looking. She jumped in, and she started to stroke me. When my aunt started to look back she went into the other tub.

      I then had a scene which I don't remember too well where I wasn't anywhere related to the B-day party. I talked to a manager and he showed my how many people went to his store in a day. Time was then fast forwarded, and I took an omniscient point of view (I think I was already) and saw people buying things from the shop and leaving very fast (Like when you speed up a surveillance camera).

      I was back in front of my friend's house with the girl (we both had clothes on). Horny, I grabbed her hand and headed inside. There were two bathrooms inside. One was very spacious with a large hot tub in the background. However, it was being occupied by a person I had met on my mission's trip, so we went to the second bathroom.

      The second bathroom was noticeably smaller, and had a very small pink bed beside the tub which was located in the middle of the room. The girl leaned on the bed, and I dry humped her. She said to stop and she wanted it inside of her so I obliged. I then humped her a couple of times and told her to suck. She died it briefly (Surprisingly, I kind of felt it and it felt amazing). I then woke up.

      Hopefully next time I'll have a lucid dream and it won't be in third person!