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    My DReam World ( Marquis' Dream Hournal )

    I've finally decided to make a Dj so i figured I'd explain how I THINK my dreams work. Sorry I Kinda Drone on and on please read anyways.

    My dreams are actually another world. In this world there are multiple copies of a person.

    There is an organization trying to keep me out of the dream world.

    Why? Because In The Dream World I See Myself as The Greatest Person in The World. I Can't Stress This Enough.

    Anyways I also get very bored with the blandness of real life Dont get me wrong i love life, but dream life is a blast i can do anything.

    Everyone has powers in The Dream World.

    The NPC's of the Dream World Are Real People In The Dream World Im Not Ashamed To Say I Cry For My Friends ( Dream Friends) when they die in the dream world because I'm suppose to be the greatest and yet i couldnt save he/she.

    I always promise to come back when I leave my friend NPC's. Sometimes I can't find them but... I can't control that.

    I Feel bad if I Leave them in a dire situation.

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