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    A large backlog of undocumented dreams

    by , 04-18-2011 at 07:27 PM (474 Views)
    Haven't been visiting this place a lot due to exams, anyways here's the list I have.
    Non-lucid, lucid, extra comment

    1st of April:
    Couldn't Remember anything D:

    2nd of April:
    Can't read my handwriting

    3rd of April:
    Playing some American Football, being taunted by a PC. And someone sucked really badly.

    4th of April:
    Dream set in a destroyed urban environment (probably due to the abundance of Crysis 2 I've been playing). Some kind of weird Martial Law seems to be in effect.

    Time seems to be divided in a whole new way. Some base unit of +/- 16 mins - environmental mapping time (which allows people to map out all interesting object and areas). It seemed so convincing that when I woke up, I didn't know what time system we were using.

    I did something, but I can't recall what that was.

    5th of April:
    1) In new york, feel like Bruce Willis. I came back to look for a job and started off looking on Manhattan island. There I run into some crazy idiot that is obsessed with some doomsday type article. When I try and help someone else clean up a paper mess, this idiot becomes hysterical.

    2) Driving in some car commercial. Car gets stuck in some water pit, have to cut myself out. Drive another car, an Aston Martin, come to the same waterhole and turn around. The car has warned me not to go in there through one of its brand new safety features.

    18th of April: Pregancy WTF
    Found myself lying on a bed in what looked like my room. A girl is lying beside me on the bed. She tells me she is pregnant with my child (My dream left out the good stuff...) and wants to tell her dad, something in me didn't approve of this idea.

    I apologize for any incoherency and randomness throughout this entry.

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